About Us

Welcome to Bertam Ave. Brooch Collection(BABC).

First of all, let me introduce the power behind this family business.

Ruqayyah is my name, and I have been selling brooches from Korea which I have obtained with the help of my brother, ‘Ammar, who is studying and living there.

This business has been running ‘off-line’ for about a year with of course the help from my two lovely sisters, Tasneem and Kauthar. However, we have decided to bring it online in order to reach out to more customers as well as spreading the love for beautiful brooches!

These brooches have all been skillfully photographed by my three brothers, Syamil, Zaid and Harith, three photography buffs who are always more than happy to experiment with our Abu’s Canon “delighting you always” DSLR.

Lastly, not to forget our beloved parents, Abu and Ummi, for all their support especially during the early days of starting this venture.

Thank you for your patronage!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Its only at RM48 + baby brooch + box.

Grab it!!it's one of a kind!!!